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What Are The Factors That Affect The Rebound Of The Metal Spinning Products?

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

What are the factors that affect the rebound of the metal spinning products?
      metal spinning products rebound for the metal spinning products is more difficult to solve the problem, there is no perfect way to cure metal spinning products rebound, we need to rebound for the spinneret further study, then in the end affect the spinning What are the factors that rebound? The following small series for everyone to sort out some:
Material properties
In the car body with different strength of the metal spinning products, from the ordinary plate to the high strength plate, different plates have different yield strength, the higher the yield strength of the plate, the more prone to rebound phenomenon.
2. Material thickness
In the process of forming, the thickness of the sheet has a great impact on the bending performance, with the thickness of the sheet increases, the rebound phenomenon will gradually decrease, because with the increase in sheet thickness, participation in plastic deformation material, and then elastic recovery Deformation also increased, so the rebound becomes smaller.
3. Part shape
Different parts of the rebound is very different parts of the complex shape of the parts will generally increase the order to prevent the formation of the rebound phenomenon is not in place, metal spinning products and more part of the special shape parts are more prone to rebound phenomenon, such as U-type parts, In the analysis of the forming process, we must consider the springback compensation matters.
4. Part blanking force
Blanking force punching process is an important process measures, metal spinning products by constantly optimizing the blank holder force, you can adjust the flow direction of materials to improve the internal stress distribution. Increasing the blanking force allows the parts to be stretched more fully, especially the side walls of the parts and the R-angle position. If the forming is sufficient, the difference in internal and external stresses is reduced and the springback is reduced.
Pull the ribs
Pulling tendons in today's technology in the application of a more extensive and reasonable set of the extension of the location, metal spinning products can effectively change the direction of the material flow and the effective distribution of the feed surface of the feed resistance, thereby improving the material formability, easy to rebound Parts on the provision of drawing ribs, will make the parts more fully formed, the stress distribution more uniform, so the rebound to reduce.
 First, the metal spinning products selection should pay attention to the problem:
1, in the steel plate specifications, whether it is a fixed plate or coil, the same material, material thickness of the material, different width of different sales price. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is necessary to develop from the development of the width of the roll, in ensuring the utilization of materials under the premise of the maximum price range is not selected. Such as the size of the board as much as possible to choose the appropriate size, from the steel cut after the completion of cutting, do not have to cut twice, reduce the cost of cutting; for the coil, try to choose open-roll forming roll specifications and technology, Cut the workload, improve work efficiency.
2, the thickness of the plate there is a deviation requirements, usually within the allowable range of deviation, should first use the next deviation of the plate.
3, to determine the shape and size of metal spinning products to expand the sheet, is the analysis of the degree of deformation of metal spinning products, design process and the preparation of the premise of the process. If the shape of the sheet is appropriate, not only the deformation along the distribution of uneven material can be significantly improved, and the forming limit can also be improved, and can reduce the height of the ear, reducing the trimming margin. In addition, for some of the blank after the direct shape of the parts, if given the exact shape and size of the sheet, you can reduce the number of mold clamping mode, thereby shortening the production cycle and improve productivity.
4, in the product design selection, to avoid the use of high grade material caused by product performance overcapacity, at the same time, to meet the requirements of products, process requirements, try to choose the existing production models used by the material, material thickness, the formation of material platform, For the follow-up procurement, inventory management to facilitate. Such as ordinary cold-rolled plate of the key performance requirements is its pull, so in line with the requirements of product quality as far as possible to choose low-grade materials. And for the choice of material thickness, in addition to considering the body after the formation of the strength, weight, but also pay attention to the thickness of the popular. Because the special material thickness, the supplier is difficult to supply, and the price is high.