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The Working Principle Of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

The working principle of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

For the problem of positioning in industrial control, it is generally used for devices such as close switch and photoelectric switch. With the continuous development of industrial control, the spinning pressure of stainless steel is presented, which is characterized by:

1. Informationization: in addition to positioning, the control room can also know its specific location;

2. Flexibility: positioning can be flexibly adjusted in the control room;

3. Easy installation and safety, long service life.

A stainless steel spiral can measure the distance from several micrometers to several hundred meters. Multiple station, so long as chooses a Stainless Steel Metal Spinning, can avoid to use the more close to switches, photoelectric switch, solve the mechanical installation trouble, are easy to be damaged and by high temperature, moisture and other issues.

Because of the optical code disk, no mechanical loss, as long as the installation location is accurate, its service life is often very long.

4. Multi-function: besides locating, the current position can be transmitted far, and the speed of movement is converted, especially for the application of frequency converter and stepper motor.

5. Economic: for multiple control stations, only one stainless steel rotation pressure, installation, maintenance, loss cost reduction, service life growth.

In view of these advantages, the Stainless Steel Metal Spinning pressure has become more and more widely applied in various industrial and controlled situations.

The Stainless Steel Metal Spinning (encoder) is a device that converts physical signals into signals that can be used for communication, transmission and storage. Test components for speed control or position control system.

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is a device that converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals. The former becomes a yardstick, the latter a yardstick.

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is a device for measuring speed. It is divided into single and dual output. The technical parameters mainly include each pulse number (dozens to thousands of each), and the power supply voltage. Single-channel output refers to the output of the Stainless Steel Metal Spinning, is a set of pulse output and duplex Stainless Steel Metal Spinning output pulse phase difference of 90 degrees, the two groups in the two groups of pulse not only can measure the rotational speed, also can judge the direction of rotation. The incremental type Stainless Steel Metal Spinning (rotating) working principle:

By A central shaft of light code disc, on which there are circular and dark scribed line, have read photoelectric emission and receiving devices, obtain four groups of sine wave signal is combined into A, B, C, D, each sine wave 90 degree phase difference (as opposed to A cycle of 360 degrees), will reverse, C, D signal superimposed on A, B two phase, can strengthen stability of signal; Another z-phase pulse is output to represent zero reference bits.

Because of A, B two phase difference of 90 degrees, but only through A phase in the former or B phase in the former, with discriminant Stainless Steel Metal Spinning forward and inversion, through the zero pulse, for Stainless Steel Metal Spinning zero reference.

Spinning encoder of stainless steel material with glass, metal, plastic, glass encoder is in the deposition of thin scribed line on the glass, its thermal stability, high precision, metal encoder directly to pass and impassability scribed line, not easy to be broken, but the metal has certain thickness, the precision is limited, its thermal stability is an order of magnitude worse than glass, plastic encoder is economical, its cost is low, but the accuracy and thermal stability, life is less.

Resolution - the number of pass-through or dark cut lines at 360 degrees per rotation is known as resolution, also known as resolution, or how many lines are directly called, generally at 5 ~ 10000 lines per rotation.

Signal output:

Signal output sine wave (current or voltage), square wave (TTL, HTL), open collector (PNP and NPN), push-pull type A variety of forms, including TTL for long term differential drive (symmetry A, A -, B, B -, Z, Z) -, HTL also calls the push-pull type, push-pull output, Stainless Steel Metal Spinning signal receiving device interface should correspond with Stainless Steel Metal Spinning.

Signal connection - Stainless Steel Metal Spinning pulse signal general connection counter, PLC, computer, PLC and computer connection module with low speed module with high speed module, have low have high switch frequency.