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The Working Principle And Application Of Spinning Machine

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

metal spinning products Spinning machine working principle and use, spinning machine working principle belongs to the metal plastic hydraulic machine forming machinery. In the bed above the installation of AC servo system, the system of the rotating wheel with vertical and horizontal two vertical carriage, horizontal and vertical feed using precision ball screw, by the servo motor in turn with the timing belt drive And a precision ball screw is connected with the auxiliary ball screw; a precision ball linear guide is arranged under the carriage; a "copy" mechanism is arranged on the upper side of the lateral slide of the turret; a numerical control system device for controlling the servo system And controllable hydraulic drive system programmable logic controller are connected with the industrial PC. The new spinning machine to achieve automatic processing and control for the multi-functional, general-purpose equipment, high precision and reliability, and has CAD drawing programming function, core copy function and recording function. The device is divided into hydraulic and manual type of two forms, can be applied to the thickness of 14 mm within the spinning plate, but also for stainless steel, aluminum and other metal spinning.

  Spinning process is very wide range of applications, which must and its advantages are inseparable, then this spin-spinning process which highlights the advantages, here will be from the Hengsheng spin to give you a simple account.

  1, the metal deformation conditions are good, spinning and spinning due to contact with the metal near the point of contact, so the contact area is small, the unit pressure is high, suitable for processing high-strength difficult to deformation of the material.

  2, a wide range of products, according to the ability of spinning machine can produce large diameter thin-walled pipe, special pipe, variable cross-section pipe and spherical, hemispherical, etc., so a wide range of applications.

  3, the material utilization rate is high, the production cost is low.

  4, the product surface roughness is low, small size tolerance.

  5, can be made as a whole seamless rotary body hollow parts, the fundamental elimination of the weld-related discontinuities, reduced strength, embrittlement and tensile stress concentration and other ills.

  metal spinning products Of course, these are just part of the advantages of spinning technology, there are more advantages Xiaobian here do not give you one by one list, in short, the spinning process is a wide range of applications, and the effect of good technology.


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