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The Development Of CNC Metal Spinning

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

The development of CNC Metal Spinning
In Sichuan, Shandong, Henan and other pilot areas, Konka product sales increased by 20% year on year. Konka Multimedia Marketing Division Vice President Tao Wei said that Konka has built spinning machine to the countryside "green fast track", through the establishment of internal rapid response mechanism to strengthen the terminal network construction, logistics construction and after-sales service outlets to good products and Service to meet the market demand, so that the majority of rural consumers to enjoy the spinning machine to the countryside to bring benefits, but also successfully cultivate a new growth point of the enterprise.

CNC Metal Spinning It seems that the potential of the rural market is really great, and now people's living standards have improved, the level of rural consumption has also been greatly improved. All along, the dual structure of urban and rural areas has not broken, the economic link between the two is not close, so the rural financial crisis by the deep impact of smaller. Open up the rural market, not only help to ease the first-tier cities in the sales pressure, but also conducive to the evolution of the financial crisis in the future to reduce the risk. Now the Third Plenary Session proposed to cancel the city, rural two management model, means that our rural areas should have developed by leaps and bounds, which will undoubtedly give the real estate industry and spinning machine industry to bring huge room for development.

CNC Metal Spinning The recent national implementation of the spinning machine, spinning machine supplies to the countryside to farmers to give 13% of the subsidies have been implemented in the country. This initiative not only stimulated the development of spinning machine industry and improved the lives of farmers. China is an absolute majority of farmers in the agricultural power, the rural market is very large, it should be said that China has a lot of goods to be further development of rural markets. Such as electric cars, motorcycles, solar water heaters, etc., these goods are farmers travel and life necessities, but because of expensive rural ownership of these things are not many families.
Parker spinning machine
If the state of these goods also farmers subsidies to give appropriate subsidies, it will be the production and sales of these commodities play a significant role in pulling, will also further improve the farmers travel conditions and living conditions. Another kind of building and decoration materials, with the richness of some farmers, many peasant families built a small building, they also want to decorate the new house a little bit, but the decorating material is too expensive, many farmers have a small building after the decoration Can not, if the construction and decoration materials can also be like spinning machine to the countryside to farmers as a concession, it will greatly improve the living environment of farmers.

CNC Metal Spinning In the financial crisis, the gap between the urban and rural areas significantly, "spinning machine to the countryside" is undoubtedly warm all parties, but also by the state as a boost of domestic demand a booster. From the spinning machine to the countryside project to see that the potential of the rural market is very large, so spinning machine business enterprises can also learn from the grassroots to the countryside, open up a broader market space.