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The CNC Metal Spinning Technology Has Set A New Milestone

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

The CNC Metal Spinning technology has set a new milestone

In recent years, many research institutes and spinning processing and heat treatment combining also did a lot of research, while the research for spinning technology application in the industrial production provides the theoretical support and practical guidance, but with the development of industrial production, to meet demand and the development of spinning technology and the combination of heat treatment will have epoch-making significance. With the development of science and technology, the demand for spinning equipment products is higher and higher. Because of the defects such as machining hardening in the process of cold spinning, the cold-spinning technology can not meet the demand of production. Appropriate heat treatment can change metal refining metal internal grain, crystal phase, so as to change the metal performance, so people began to put the heat treatment technology and the combination of spinning technology, create a new method of spinning processing, laid a new milestone for CNC Metal Spinning technology.

Spinning forming technology is a kind of equipment by the spindle driven by core mold and top piece of blank fixed rotation again by axial and radial feeding wheel, by extrusion of mandrel and roller in the blank continuous deformation of plastic forming process of the machining process. Spinning forming technology is a combination of rotary forming and plastic forming, and integrates the advantages of both has the high material utilization, forming fast, good surface quality, high precision of products, product variety, etc. As a result, not only in aviation, spaceflight, weapons and other precision metal processing technology occupies an important position, and in petroleum chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, electronics and light industry and other fields has been widely used.

The application of numerical control spinning technology is more and more widely, and the demands of CNC Metal Spinning bed are becoming more and more high, especially with the high rotating diameter, high thrust, high precision and high degree of automation. Foreign powerspinning equipment has been serialized and has been developed in the direction of large-scale, multipurpose, and automation. With the development of computer technology, the control system of CNC Metal Spinning rotary press is also developing. The rotation wheel feed is fully developed to the numerical control, and the spindle speed has been developed to the level of non-grade, and has been developed to the CNC Metal Spinning of the multi-cycle rotary frame. The TV monitoring system and wall thickness ultrasonic automatic measuring device for machining large diameter parts are also used in CNC Metal Spinning rotary press.

CNC Metal Spinning equipment cost greatly reduce processing costs and investment in equipment, using advanced combination is ground, not a lot of mold, can save a large sum of money for the producers, and save a lot of material resources, make the mould from performance to solve large hydraulic equipment mould weight big, difficult new tires, the high cost of drawbacks, high rotating part is completed, no deformation, no ellipse, prestressed improve workpiece, solved the parts forming is poor, after the completion of the difficult problems of large screw impeller, balanced, stable operation, small investment, reliable performance, widely used, high labor efficiency, forming a continuous wait for a characteristic, is the ideal choice of fan enterprise, is a fundamental breakthrough in fan spinning processing technology.