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Standard For The Identification Of Commonly Used Surface Treatments Metal Stamping Parts

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Standard for the identification of commonly used surface treatments metal stamping parts
Since almost all commercial metal stamping parts are made of carbon steel and alloy steel, some types of metal stamping parts are expected to prevent corrosion, and even if metal stamping parts are used for corrosion protection, surface treatment is still required to prevent corrosion of different materials. In addition, the surface treatment of the coating must be attached firmly, can not be installed and unloaded in the process of shedding, for the threaded metal stamping parts, the coating needs to be thin enough, so that the plating can still screw thread. The following is based on the above factors briefly introduce some metal stamping parts commonly used coating for designers and metal stamping parts practitioners reference.
1 galvanized
Electroplating is the most commonly used coating. It is relatively cheap, looks better, can have black, military green. However, its corrosion resistance in general, its corrosion resistance is the lowest in the zinc plating (coating) layer. General galvanized neutral salt spray test within 72 hours, but also the use of special sealing agent, making the neutral salt spray test for more than 200 hours, but the price is expensive, is generally 5-8 times galvanized.
The tightness of the preload is poor and unstable, and is generally not used for connection to important parts. In order to improve the torque-preload consistency, the method of coating the lubricating material after plating can also be used to improve and improve the torque-preload force consistency.
2 phosphating
Phosphating relative to galvanized cheaper, corrosion resistance than galvanized poor. Phosphating should be coated with oil, its corrosion resistance and the performance of the oil coating has a great relationship.
Two kinds of phosphating, zinc phosphating and manganese phosphating. Zinc phosphating lubrication performance than the manganese-based phosphate, manganese-based phosphate corrosion resistance, wear-resistant galvanized better. It can be used up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit (107 ~ 204 ℃).
Many of the industrial metal stamping parts are treated with phosphating oil. Because of its good torque - preload tightness, the assembly ensures that the design is expected to meet the tightening requirements, so the use of more in the industry. Especially the connection of some important parts. Such as steel structure connection pair, engine connecting rod bolts, nuts, cylinder head, main bearing, flywheel bolts, wheel bolts and nuts.
High-strength bolts using phosphide, but also to avoid the problem of hydrogen embrittlement, so in the industrial field more than 10.9 bolts generally use phosphating surface treatment.
3 oxidation (black)
Black / oil is a very popular coating because it is the cheapest and looks good before the oil runs out. As the black almost no anti-rust ability, so no oil it will soon rust. That is, in the oil state, the neutral salt spray test can only reach 3 to 5 hours.
The tightness of the preload is also poor. If you want to improve, you can assemble the grease on the internal thread and then spin.
4 electroplated cadmium
Cadmium plating corrosion resistance is very good, especially in the marine atmosphere of the corrosion resistance than other surface treatment. Electroplating cadmium in the processing of waste treatment costs, high cost, the price is about 15 to 20 times the galvanized. So in the general industry is not used, only for some specific environment. Such as metal stamping parts for oil drilling platforms and HNA aircraft.
5 chrome plating
Chromium coating in the atmosphere is very stable, easy to discoloration and loss of gloss, high hardness and good wear resistance. In the metal stamping parts with chromium coating is generally used as a decorative effect. It is rarely used in industrial areas where corrosion resistance is high because good chrome plating is as expensive as stainless steel, and when stainless steel is not used enough, it is replaced with chrome metal stamping parts. In order to prevent corrosion, chrome before the first copper and nickel. The chrome plating can withstand temperatures of 1200 ° F (650 ° C). But also with the same as electro-galvanized hydrogen embrittlement problems.
6 silver plated, nickel plated
The silver coating can be both corrosion resistant and solid lubricants as metal stamping parts. Due to cost reasons, nuts use silver, bolts do not, sometimes small bolts are also silver plated. Silver loses its luster in the air, but it works at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, people use its high temperature and lubrication characteristics, used in high temperature work of metal stamping parts, to prevent the oxidation of bolts, nuts killed.
metal plating, mainly used for both anti-corrosion, but also a good place for electrical conductivity. Such as the lead terminal of the vehicle battery.