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Stainless Steel Metal Spinning To Ensure Product Quality

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 11, 2017

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning The company has 178 employees, including eight engineering and technical personnel, testing staff of 12 people. Stainless steel spinning company mainly engaged in the engine spinning belt pulley, Tensioner wheel, exhaust manifold, flywheel shell, gear chamber manufacturing. The products are supplied to BYD Car Co., Ltd., Beijing Futian Environmental Power Co., Ltd., Tianjin Lovol Power Co., Ltd. (Platinum), Weifang Lovol Heavy Industry, Zhonghuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Doosan Engineering Machinery Co., , Yangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, the United States Caterpillar, BYD cars, Great Wall Motor, and other well-known domestic and foreign car manufacturers.

Engine exhaust manifold, flywheel shell, flywheel, timing gear room, supercharger tail pipe can be sampled for the sample, stainless steel spinning design and processing, can also be connected by the size and technical parameters of their own research and development to ensure that customers Requirements for product performance. At the same time the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing, three-dimensional design, the use of PROE, UG, CAXA and other software product development, greatly reducing the product development cycle; the use of vertical and horizontal machining center for product processing and mold Stainless Steel Metal Spinning manufacturing, And mold development success rate; at the same time, the use of Brown Sharp PC - DMISMistral three coordinate machine, altimeter, projection equipment and other equipment for testing; the use of mechanized modeling, water operations, electric furnace smelting; direct reading spectrometer, C406 Rapid analysis instrument, after the furnace metallographic analyzer, universal material testing machine for monitoring and testing, the use of these detection and monitoring means to ensure that the product pass rate.

    Stainless Steel Metal Spinning using advanced four-axis machining center, all skills CNC lathes, special machine tools, general machine tools and other equipment line production. Tooling fixture using hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical semi-automatic positioning of the workpiece and clamping. In the four-axis machining center, the whole skills of CNC lathes, special machine tools, general machine tool support, with imported cutting tools for processing parts, constitute the car engine exhaust manifold, flywheel shell, flywheel, timing gear chamber flexible production line , To achieve mass production.

     Stainless Steel Metal Spinning In order to ensure product quality, the production process testing using Hexagon three coordinate measuring instrument, TVA600 microcomputer altimeter for testing. Material monitoring using the German Spectrol direct reading spectrometer, Japan Olympus metallographic microscope, universal testing machine, X-ray digital scanning system to control, effectively guarantee the product quality.

Company production capacity: already has 60,000 units / year capacity, planning and development of 120,000 units / year

Automobile Spinning Parts Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Longsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., stainless steel spinning is the only professional production enterprises of spinning pulley products in Shandong Province, the total assets of 16 million yuan, the current annual production capacity of 1.4 million, Is set product development, production and sales in one of the specialized spinning parts company.

     Automobile spinning parts company in September 2003 the official operation, in the continuation of the original technology on the basis of the full absorption of advanced countries spinning process, and in full accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise management system, the establishment of a scientific operating mechanism and management Management system.

    Stainless Steel Metal Spinning To ensure product quality, car spinning parts company equipped with a dynamic balancing machine, projector, beating, swing measuring instrument, and other series of testing equipment and various types of special inspection equipment.

Stainless steel spinning in 1999 through the ISO9002 product quality system certification. 2003 through the QS9000 quality system certification. 2005 through the TS16949 quality system certification.