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Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Technology Has A Long History

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning technology has a long history
Stainless Steel Metal Spinning in the application of numerical control technology can be said to a certain extent, can receive the following results, namely, shorten the preparation time and processing time, can adapt to changes in processing conditions, improve the accuracy of repeated processing and can prevent accidents in the past. However, some of these aspects of some new hydraulic profile automatic Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is also fully able to achieve. In addition, CNC Stainless Steel Metal Spinning no matter what kind of control, the rotation of the wheel to determine and transfer to a large extent rely on the operator's skilled skills. Therefore, CNC automatic programming technology will be an important research topic in the future. It should be done by inputting the shape, size and shape of the rotary wheel according to certain routine. qualified products.
Baorui Stainless Steel Metal Spinning
Stainless Steel Metal Spinning technology is a long history of traditional technology, according to the literature originated in China's first Tang Dynasty, by the pottery technology developed a metal spinning process. By the middle of the 20th century, with the development of industry and the development of aerospace industry, the large-scale application of the spinning process in the field of sheet metal forming, thus promoting the research and development of the process. After the middle of the twentieth century, ordinary spinning has made significant progress in the following three aspects: the general spinning equipment gradually mechanized and automated, in the 20th century, 50 appeared in the simulation of manual spinning equipment, that is, using hydraulic booster drive Rotary wheel reciprocates to achieve feed and return, thus reducing labor intensity.
Stainless Steel Metal Spinning process using metal ductility, integrated forging, extrusion, stretching, bending, rolling, rolling and rolling and other process characteristics, to achieve the no cutting process characteristics, Stainless Steel Metal Spinning with high quality and efficient metal products Spinning process. Strong spinning is the rapid development of the fifties after the century. This molding technology has the advantages of good deformation condition, good product performance, small dimensional tolerance, high material utilization rate, wide range of products, and can process the whole seamless hollow rotary parts.
     IMPORTANT: You should be familiar with the location of the emergency stop button switch so that you can press it without looking for it, and you must power off the machine before placing the fuse. Have enough work space to avoid danger. Water or oil can cause the ground to slip and cause danger. In order to prevent accidents, the working ground should be kept clean and dry.
Baorui Stainless Steel Metal Spinning
     DANGER: Controls, transformers, motors, junction boxes, high voltage terminals and other live parts Do not touch with hand (or no insulation), as this may cause electric shock. Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock.
     Before using the switch, be sure to make sure not to make mistakes, do not touch the switch. If a task is to be done by more than two people, then at every step of the operation we know that Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is equipped with a lot of safety devices to prevent damage and damage to the operator and equipment.