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Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Quality Requirements

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning quality requirements
 In the electronic Stainless Steel Metal Spinning plant for Stainless Steel Metal Spinning quality requirements are very strict. So to strictly control the shape of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning size:
The first is the requirements of the bending parts:
1. The shape of the bending piece should be as symmetrical as possible. The bending radius can not be less than the minimum bending radius allowed by the material.
2. Curved too short is not easy to shape, it should be curved side of the straight part of H> 2δ. If the request for H is very short, you need to set aside the appropriate margin to increase H, bend and then cut the added metal.
3. When bending the hole piece, in order to avoid deformation of the hole. Followed by the requirements of the drawing parts:
4. Stainless Steel Metal Spinning shape should be simple, symmetrical, depth should not be too large. So as to minimize the number of drawing, easy to shape.
5. The radius of the fillet of the stainless steel spinner does not increase the process procedure. Otherwise it will increase the number of deep drawing, but also increase the number of molds, and easy to produce waste and improve costs.
Stainless Steel Metal Spinning using the mold is the use of bomb pressure plate, or the use of fixed discharge plate, depending on the size of the discharge force, which material thickness is the main consideration.
With the elastic components of the elastic components of the mold (such as the use of rectangular spring), the discharge of the discharge plate greatly enhanced. According to the current situation, when the material thickness of about 2mm below the use of bomb pressure plate, more than 2mm when the use of fixed discharge plate is more close to the actual. The mold material of the material thickness of 1mm, so you can use bomb pressure plate. Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is a method of forming a workpiece (Stainless Steel Metal Spinning) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to the plate, the strip, the pipe and the profile by means of a press and a die to produce a plastic deformation or separation.
 Precautions for the use of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning
First, the tensile Stainless Steel Metal Spinning installation should be strictly checked before use, and remove the dirt, carefully check the Stainless Steel Metal Spinning guide sleeve and mold is good lubrication.
Second, the regular dial of the turntable and mold installation base to check to ensure that the upper and lower turntable coaxial accuracy.
Third, according to the mold of the installation process will be convex and concave on the turntable installed to ensure that the convex and concave Stainless Steel Metal Spinning in the same direction, especially with the direction of the requirements (non-circular and square) Stainless Steel Metal Spinning more carefully, to prevent the wrong anti.
Fourth, Stainless Steel Metal Spinning punch and die die wear and tear should be promptly stopped using, timely sharpening, or will quickly expand the mold edge of the wear and tear to accelerate the mold wear and tear to reduce the quality of die and die life.
5, stamping personnel in the installation of molds should be used to soften the metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) made of operating tools to prevent the installation process of knocking, smashing damage to Stainless Steel Metal Spinning.
6, in order to ensure the service life of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning, but also regularly on the mold of the spring to replace the spring to prevent damage to the impact of Stainless Steel Metal Spinning use.
Stainless Steel Metal Spinning life, in addition to depending on the reasonable mold structure, high manufacturing accuracy, good heat treatment effect and the correct selection of presses, Stainless Steel Metal Spinning installation accuracy and other factors, the correct use of the mold, maintenance and maintenance is not Ignore the link