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Stainless Steel Metal Spinning CNC Metal Forming Machine Development Efforts Will Continue To Strengthen

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 15, 2017

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is a professional engaged in all kinds of copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel spinning stainless steel and other metal spinning parts R & D, processing of the manufacturers. After years of efforts and development, the introduction of advanced equipment, technology and senior personnel, the development of high technological content, processing difficult spinning hardware products, with strong production research and development strength, has now developed into a large-scale metal spiral Pressure products production and supply enterprises. I plant through the strong cooperation with the University, with a large number of sophisticated professional and technical personnel, strong scientific research and technology and advanced production and processing technology, has a rich experience in the development and design of the reflector, according to the requirements of the guests design and production to sell guests satisfied Reflective cups. Products to obtain a number of national patents. Shaoxing City is a high-tech enterprises. I plant has been trying to control the manufacturing costs, so that the price of the product under the premise of ensuring the quality of full competitiveness in order to maximize meet customer requirements to win the market. "Quality first, the credibility of the supremacy" is our factory operating principles, Huida lighting electrical parts factory will, as always, to provide customers with the best quality products, improve after-sales service, we wholeheartedly look forward to working with more new and old customers, a total of Create a better future!

  Stainless Steel Metal Spinning The company is set research and development, manufacturing, sales service, education in one of the high-tech enterprises. After 20 years, Bo 赛 has 50,000 square meters production base, including research and development centers, manufacturing plants, sales service companies, technical schools and other business sectors. Today's Bo 赛 research and development team has grown, innovation ability has been enhanced, with the CNC spinning machine design and manufacturing capabilities and molding technology in the domestic leading position; to undertake over a number of national research projects; sales service network covering 90% of China's provinces, Exports more than 50 countries and regions.

   Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Owned by the NC chip-free metal forming technology is the country to vigorously promote the new energy-saving materials and materials, but also the needs of the times, the use of a wide range of this process can be very little cost of the tool to obtain a complex bus-shaped tolerance range Small, excellent surface quality of the various hollow body, but also to the extent possible to accurately determine the workpiece wall thickness and contour, accurate repeat wall thickness and contour.

    Has developed more than 10 series, stainless steel spinning more than 40 models, the development of advanced control system, and to provide users with automatic programming software, personal users to provide personalized customization and all the technology support.

   Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Will forever: integrity, dedication, pragmatic and innovative business philosophy, adhere to Bocaizhongzhang, Wing Chong first business objectives. Through the continuous strengthening of team strength and the company has the skills of skilled workers to play, so that we need all the users to use spinning technology, and the chip-free metal forming technology to flourish.

The next decade, CNC metal forming machine development efforts will continue to strengthen every year to 10% growth rate of research and development;

The next decade, CNC production production and sales of not less than 20% per year growth. With the advent of Industry 4.0, Bo Sa development goal is to make fully automated robot and spinning equipment, the perfect combination, whether it is the scale of business and social reputation should do the best.