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Shaft Preparation Steps Are Simple Four

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

First calibration

Correction rods blanks in the manufacture, transport and storage the bending deformation in the process, in order to ensure uniform machining allowance and feed-reliable clamping. Calibration can be carried out on various presses.

Second, cut

When Rod blank is used, shall be according to the required length before turning cylindrical cut off. Cut off bites on the bow saws, high hardness material cutting can be carried out with a thin grinding wheel cutting machine.

Three, cut end drill the center hole

Center hole is the most commonly used shaft machining positioning surface, in order to ensure the center hole drilled oblique, spotting after the cut off end faces.

Four, derelict vehicles

If the blank axis is to consist of forgings or castings, you need waste processing, in order to reduce surface shape errors of stock foreign, uniform processing Yu Jing of the follow-up process.