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Shaft Parts Production Process

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Process of shaft parts is:

Process due to the process of making of a shaft lathe spindle with steps, bore, fully capable of reflecting characteristics of shaft parts, so use the spindle for for example.

1. first forging blank drilling Centre holes at both ends, thick round several steps out of his car;

2. quenching and tempering;

3. semi-finishing the level, length of the outer circle and allowance, then take the Center rack vehicles to total length;

4. Center spindle through hole on both ends of the double-lined conical holes, set at both ends, bulkhead, spotting, preparing for the ground;

6. finishing the outside circle and the bench plane, grinding allowance, and each slot on the outside circle, chamfering;

7. grinding bench plane and cylindrical to size;

8. Assembly processing screw on lathe.