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Metal Stamping Solve The Wear Resistance Of Metal Materials On The Surface

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 15, 2017

 Metal Stamping The company is a high-tech enterprise focused on the full range of surface abrasion resistance of metal materials. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of TD and PVD processing on metal surface, and the production and sales of some related products.

     The company's TD process is based on its own years of experience in TD research and development, has been at home and abroad with the industry-leading level, in production capacity, the company has a set of leading domestic and foreign production equipment and testing equipment, has a group of experienced Skilled workers (more than 7 years of job experience). The company developed TD, PVD technology for all kinds of different materials, different characteristics, different requirements of the mold, knives and various types of metal parts wear problem to provide the best solution.

     Metal Stamping Our company not only has a strong production capacity, production and management, product ecological management and environmental protection also has a considerable advantage. And joint domestic universities, such as Anhui University of Technology Materials Research Institute, China University of Science and Technology, Guangdong University of Technology and other experts and professors, will continue to focus on cutting-edge TD, PVD process research and development, to meet the growing market demand, we will Constantly in technology and application innovation and breakthrough.

     Looking to the future, the company will always uphold the "firm brand strategy, metal stamping flexible and innovative characteristics of quality; respect for customers, sincere phase, sincerity as partners" business philosophy. The introduction of new technologies, new technology and research and development of high technology products for enterprises to create high-quality brand to lay the foundation.

   Cangzhou City Yida Bo Run Petrochemical Co., Ltd., for the domestic high-end vulcanization additives and metal processing oil manufacturers. The main products include curing agent single agent, compound and cutting oil, tapping oil, stretch oil, molding oil, stamping oil and other metal processing oil. Was established in 1994, the predecessor of Cangzhou Yida Petrochemical Co., Ltd., located in Cangzhou City Canal District Yingbin North Avenue, close to the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, transportation is very convenient, covers an area of 12000 m2, , Is a professional production of metal processing oil business.

     Metal Stamping Is the metal plastic deformation and cutting deformation collectively, all over the aerospace, military, people's livelihood, metal stamping medical and other fields, such as automobile manufacturing, sheet rolling, gear cutting, standard parts manufacturing, cell phone battery shell stamping, wire drawing, And our lives are closely related.

     3 years of independent research and development company, 3 years marketing, with all the independent intellectual property rights of the "Bo Run" brand extreme pressure anti-wear products metal stamping (vulcanized animal oil, sulfurized vegetable oil, sulfurized fatty acid ester), and has the domestic advanced friction and wear laboratory. Comprehensive index is better than similar products at home and abroad, the company's "metal plastic processing lubricants" and "metal cutting lubricants" a total of 15 series, 110 varieties, the annual production capacity of up to 15,000 tons, has been widely used China's metal processing industry in the manufacture of fasteners, stainless steel tableware manufacturing, battery shell manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing and other high-end areas. For the cold pier, stamping, extrusion, rolling, honing, deep hole drilling, hobbing and other difficult metal processing technology has a very good applicability in the practical application of the customer's full recognition and praise.

     Metal Stamping But also with a number of domestic research institutions, such as Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute, to maintain close contact, explore each other, sharing technical information. Since 2007, the annual international oil show, we have no absence, with high-quality products and excellent technical superiority, to the majority of well-known domestic enterprises to bring a surprise, but also met a lot of customers, including like Shandong Tengda Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., Wuxi Jinyang New Power Co., Ltd. and so on in their respective areas can be described as leading enterprises, and to achieve the same kind of imported oil the perfect alternative, in ensuring the quality of the premise, for customers to reduce costs ; Also forced the original trend of increasing prices of similar imports of goods down. Impressive performance, for our continued development of the future laid the foundation.