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Metal Stamping Parts To Produce High Quality Products

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 15, 2017

Company is located in the beautiful scenery and convenient transportation Dalingshan. Through eight years of rapid growth for the mica electrical insulation products, the key global market suppliers to high-quality products, professional services to win customers around the world of praise and praise.

metal stamping parts Industry main production and supply of three categories of products:

1. Mica insulation board: the supply of various types of high temperature mica plate, mica plate and other composite materials and stamping and processing, part of the epoxy board processing. Widely used in small appliances, electric heating, boilers, metal stamping parts motor, industrial equipment and other electrical and electrical industries.

2. Mica heaters: according to customer requirements of the production of various shapes of mica heating core, used in a variety of heaters, heaters, air convection machine, oven, bread machine, hair dryer and other industrial and household products.

3. Mica fire-resistant insulation with: R & D and production used in refractory wire and cable, metal stamping parts and other areas of the mica tape, calcined mica tape, synthetic mica tape, mica roll, mica ceramic volumes and other insulation products. In addition, I have long imported from India a large number of natural mica tablets of various types of raw materials, and sales of a variety of natural mica gasket, mica water meter, mica capacitor chip, watch the fire film, optical film. The company has a large number of mica raw material inventory, quality assurance, timely delivery, affordable, welcome customers to come to the factory to check the order!

We have many years of sales and production experience, excellent production team, products in strict accordance with international safety standards for research and development and production, have passed the UL, ROHS, SGS, ISO9001: 2008 and other international certification. Our products are exported to Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, the United States, and other domestic and foreign markets.

We have the spirit of "integrity first, customer first" service concept, Yiming sincere for domestic and foreign customers with the most professional products and satisfactory service. Your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit, happy work, happy life is our beautiful vision. Dongguan Yiming is willing to join hands with you, create brilliant!

The company is a professional motor stator and rotor punch production and development of enterprises. The company is located in the coastal city of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Luqiao District Jinqing Shugang Road 4909.

Founded in 2011, the company currently has nearly more than 10 sets of more advanced double-point high-speed high-speed presses and more than one hydraulic pressure machine. The main products are starting units of the motor stamping parts, car starter motor and steering motor stamping parts, metal stamping parts ordinary motor 110-160 stamping parts, cleaning agents and air compressor motor stamping parts. Products of international and domestic advanced standards, enterprises through the ISO-9000 international quality management system certification, and many domestic enterprises and well-known automobile manufacturers supporting. Zhejiang real day Electrical and Mechanical Technology will serve the public as their responsibility, relying on ahead of the business philosophy, scientific management, advanced equipment and technology to generate high-quality products, reflecting the quality of service, continuous development and growth, welcomed the cooperation and seek common development, Work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.