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Metal Stamping Parts To Improve Efficiency

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

metal stamping parts to improve efficiency
 metal stamping parts in their own economic and structural aspects of a unique superiority. Mainly in: metal stamping parts of the production of high efficiency, and easy manipulation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Formal stamping parts due to the stamping parts of the size and shape accuracy, only to make the quality of stamping, interchangeability. Since stamping parts have so many benefits, how can we improve the quality of stamping parts?
Automotive metal stamping parts processing a wide range of products, complex shape. In general, metal stamping can be processed into smaller size, smaller shape of the small car parts. However, in the stamping production, there may be some undesirable phenomena, how to avoid these problems, has become the processing of high-quality stamping parts of the primary problem.
The intermediate support bracket is the key load-bearing connector for the car's integral dashboard assembly, which is an important part for ensuring the stability and reliability of all kinds of instruments. Because of the high-speed rotation of the high-power engine and the poor traffic conditions of the vehicle, it is easy to cause strong vibration and bumps to the cab, resulting in the instrument circuit and some functions of the front control disk.
  Therefore, the middle face support must be able to withstand the impact, bending fatigue load and torque and so on, it is required to have sufficient bending strength, shear strength and good toughness. In addition, if the part exceeds the allowable stress during forming, or the microcracks extend to a certain extent, causing tearing or skewing, this will not only waste the material, but also allow the mold to be in the partial load operation to accelerate the aging of the mold.
In the automobile cab dashboard bracket assembly production, found that metal stamping production, the middle face of the left / right bracket often tear, skew phenomenon, these defects are mainly distributed in the workpiece hole, the corner of the sidewall and R at the junction of the arc and the wall.
  After careful analysis, we believe that the main reason is due to the mold during the operation of the pressure core forming guide instability, die and paste the gap between the long-term wear can not be adjusted and the mold structure caused by improper design. So, from the technical and management aspects of the corresponding control measures, and for similar parts technology, mold design and forming processing to provide a reference.
Furniture metal stamping parts industry procurement is not only the general characteristics of the procurement industry, but also has the industry unique "cumbersome, accurate, diverse, complex" features: "tedious" refers to the metal stamping parts of the main procurement of finished products semi-finished products are non-standard But the category is cumbersome, many need to open a separate mold, and mold investment can only supply a specific market or customer, not universal, resulting in increased varieties of procurement, procurement process overlap; "precision" because the metal stamping parts Most of the furniture parts are stamping or CNC turning, high technical requirements, a lot of furniture, the combination of accessories, even within the tolerance requirements of 0.05mm, quite the use of rocket technology to make rice basin feeling, virtually increased production and procurement The difficulty. "Variety" refers to the variety of procurement projects, a variety of furniture products need a lot of accessories. At the same time, the rapid replacement of furniture products, but also the objective requirements of metal stamping parts constantly updated changes, which also increased the difficulty of procurement and management; "complex" refers to the types of procurement products are complex, many products need a lot of conventional and unconventional zero Accessories, due to steel, plastic and other raw materials prices follow the market, resulting in metal stamping parts and metal stamping parts accessories price fluctuations are very large, the general price will be adjusted within 3-6 months, which virtually increases the bargaining of procurement and Management difficulty. At the same time, different provinces in the country, the city has a different product cluster, these products cluster production products are relatively simple, which resulted in a variety of metal stamping parts procurement and production base of a single contradiction, procurement, transportation, warehousing, quality Control and other links will increase the corresponding cost and difficulty. Based on the above characteristics of the metal stamping parts industry, through the general procurement management to significantly reduce the cost, is a great difficulty. It is for this reason, for a long time, furniture, metal stamping parts of the procurement methods are often scattered sky, can not form a large-scale procurement of products, can not reflect the advantages of centralized procurement. In order to maximize the development of procurement management in the furniture metal stamping enterprises in the profit contribution of enterprises, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition in an invincible position, to study how the furniture metal stamping enterprises in the procurement activities to achieve and strengthen the centralized procurement management It has a very important research value and practical significance.