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Metal Spinning Metal Spinning Professional Production Of Spinning Parts

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 11, 2017

metal spinning Metal spinning is a professional production of spinning parts, stamping parts, pull up the company. Metal spinning company has a strong R & D, production and sales of the elite team. Hengsheng spinning is an innovative tradition of enterprises, innovation is the core competitiveness of metal spinning, innovation so that Hengsheng spinning to achieve a leap-forward development, Hengsheng spinning in the enterprise to improve the internal innovation mechanism, formed Unique innovation culture.

The company has a leading domestic and foreign CNC spinning technology, Hengsheng spin over the years and foreign countries for many years of CNC spinning technology exchange and cooperation. The company unswervingly based on scientific and technological innovation, devote themselves to product technology research and development, pay attention to product quality and integrity services, brought together a group of professional and technical fields of talents, Hengsheng spinning to form a young elite technology elite as the backbone of high-quality scientific research team , Hengsheng spinning in the continuous product development practice has accumulated a wealth of product design experience and profound theoretical knowledge of the process.

   metal spinning Company philosophy: a firm belief, forge ahead in unity, the courage to innovate

 metal spinning Enterprise purpose: We have been adhering to the "quality, efficiency, service win the satisfaction of customers, in good faith, cooperation, win-win seeking the development of the company" as the core value.

"Based on innovation, focus on quality, integrity, sincere cooperation and common development" is our consistent pursuit, to provide customers with high quality, safe and reliable technology and products is our eternal policy. We will continue to go beyond the self, as always, to create value for customers, providing better quality technology, products and services!

    metal spinning Mainly engaged in the project: CNC spinning equipment R & D, manufacturing, spinning molding technology and spinning products.

  metal spinning The company after years of development in the process of mastering the special metal materials, plastic change, Hengsheng spinning heat forming and other difficult manufacturing process, and in 2014 participated in the national energy department key project "GT25000 gas turbine" equipment manufacturing , And obtained the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 4612 factory awarded the "excellent supplier" title.