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Factors Affecting The Processing Of Metal Stamping Parts

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Factors affecting the processing of metal stamping parts
 Factors that affect the quality of metal stamping parts usually include six aspects, namely, people, people's technical quality and ideological quality machine. Stamping equipment performance, mold structure and manufacturing accuracy, maintenance and maintenance status of materials such as selection of raw materials varieties, performance and other methods of choice of stamping process, the operation of the same amount of stare measuring equipment, test methods, test methods, quality standards.
The effects of the stamping process on the quality of the metal stamping parts are analyzed separately.
People mainly include human physical, skills, emotions, subjective initiative and so on. People play a decisive role in all factors and are the most active process variables. In human factors, physical and skill is usually emphasized because it is directly related to process variables. And easily overlooked is the subjective initiative and emotional factors, it seems that there is no relationship with the quality of the process, in fact, metal stamping parts of the process of long-term stability and improvement has a crucial role, it can be said that the most essential factor in human factors thing. The machine mainly includes the stamping presses used in the stamping process, such as the performance of the crank presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, CNC punch presses, mold structure and manufacturing precision, maintenance and maintenance status.
  The press is guided by the guide rail, and the mechanical wear will reduce the guide precision and affect the quality of the metal stamping parts. Mold is to ensure that the metal stamping parts shape and dimensional accuracy of the tooling, the design and manufacturing level and the quality of metal stamping parts are closely related. In the process of making the mold, the quality of metal stamping parts will fluctuate. For a business, in the normal maintenance of the equipment, the "machine" factors on the quality of the process is relatively stable. The raw material used in the stamping process is a process variable that is more difficult to control and has a greater effect on the process quality.
  Effective method is to strengthen the inspection of raw materials into the metal stamping parts before the stamping of raw materials for pre-processing, such as leveling, grinding off burrs and so on. The process documents, standards, regulations, etc. used in the process are used to guide the operator to produce, so in addition to ensuring that the documents are complete, correct and uniform, it is necessary to ensure that the operator uses a valid version to prevent such "Extending use of class files. Should always be on the operator should be aware of should be educated to strengthen the understanding of the process of the operator. Including measuring equipment, test methods, test methods, quality standards, etc., used to test whether the product quality meets the design requirements of the product.
Ring that is the environment, involving temperature, humidity, noise and cleanliness and so on. The cleanliness of the environment and the management of raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products and tools are the hallmarks of the production of civilization, and the chaos of management can easily lead to major quality accidents such as mixing. metal stamping parts of the production process, no matter how good the performance of the press, mold structure is reasonable, how high manufacturing accuracy, the operator of how good the quality of metal stamping parts of the quality characteristics of the value is always different, this difference Which reflects the volatility of the quality of metal stamping parts. According to the reasons for the occurrence of fluctuations, fluctuations can be divided into normal fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations.
  The normal fluctuation of metal stamping parts is determined by the inherent conditions of these six factors. Such as trace impurities in the raw material or the performance of the small differences in the process parameters of the small changes in the pressure machine and the mold of the inherent accuracy, normal wear and vibration and so on. These tiny changes are random and unavoidable, and their impact on the mass fluctuation of the metal stamping parts is small and difficult to eliminate, and it is not economically necessary to eliminate them. Exceptional fluctuations are due to management out of control or work errors caused by such as metal stamping parts of the quality of raw materials failed, severe mechanical damage, die failure, violation of operating procedures and other factors, which is not allowed in quality control The
  metal stamping parts optimization methods should have a good optimization design method, so the stamping manufacturer to stamping optimization design as an important way to reduce the cost of automobile manufacturing, can make the car beautiful appearance. Reduce the air resistance, but also reduce the number of metal stamping parts and solder joints, can effectively reduce costs.