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Describe The Advantages Of The Metal Spinning

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Describe the advantages of the metal spinning 

metal spinning  application range is very wide, the advantage of the inevitable and it is inseparable, so what are the highlights the advantages of this kind of metal spinning , here is the constant ChengXuan pressure to do a simple story.

1. The metal deformation conditions are good, and the contact area is small and the unit pressure is high due to the close contact between the spinning wheel and the metal contact, which is suitable for the processing of materials with high strength and difficult deformation.

2. The range of products is wide. According to the ability of the spinning press, large diameter thin-walled pipes, special pipes, cross-section pipes and spherical, hemispherical and so on can be widely used.

3. High material utilization and low production cost.

4. The surface roughness of the products is low and the dimension tolerance is small.

5. It can be used to make the whole seamless hollow piece, which eliminates the discontinuity, strength reduction, brittle crack and stress concentration of the weld.

, of course, these are just a part of the metal spinning  advantages, there are more advantages of small make up can't give you list here, in a word, metal spinning  is an application of a wide range, and good effect of technological process.

1. The metal deformation condition is good, because when spinning wheel in contact with the metal close contacts, so contact area is small, the unit pressure is high, can reach more than 2500 ~ 3500 mpa, so spinning is suitable for processing high strength and difficult deformation of materials. Moreover, the total deformation force is small, thus reducing the attack rate. The tonnage of the rotary press machine is only about 1/20 of the tonnage of the presses.

2. With a range of products, according to the spinning machine has the ability to manufacture large diameter thin-walled tubes, special pipes, variable cross-section tube and spherical, hemispherical, elliptic, QuMu linear, and changes with ladder and wall thickness of almost all rotary system parts, such as rocket, missile and satellite of the nose and shell; Submarine osmotic seals and torpedo shells, radar reflectors and searchlight shells; Jet engine fairing and original motive parts; Hydraulic, compressor casing and cylinder; Turboshaft, nozzle, TV cone, combustion chamber cone and bellows; Rotary drum of dryer, mixer and washing machine; Shallow disk shape, disk shape, hemispherical head; Milk can and empty core of daily necessities.

The material utilization is high, the production cost is low. Compared with machining process, the rotary pressure machining can save 20% ~ 50%, up to 80%, and reduce the cost by 30% ~ 70%.

4. The performance of the products has been significantly improved, and the structure and mechanical properties of the materials after the spinning have been changed, and the grain size is small and the characteristics of fiber are formed. Tensile strength, yield strength and hardness are improved, the strength can be increased by 60% to 90%, while elongation decreases.

5. The surface roughness of the products is low and the dimension tolerance is small. The surface roughness of the general spinning processing products can reach 3.2 ~ 1.6 um, best can reach 0.4 ~ 0.2 um, after a lot of spinning can be up to 0.1 um. Spinning products can reach smaller wall thickness tolerance, such as phi 300 mm, the tolerance is 0.05 mm, 1600 mm, the tolerance of 0.12.

6. An important characteristic of the metal spinning  is to make a seamless backbody of the rotary body, eliminating the discontinuities, strength reduction, brittle fracture and stress concentration of the weld.

7. metal spinning  and sheet metal stamping, metal spinning  can greatly simplify the process equipment, used by some need 6 ~ 7 times in stamping parts, spinning can be produced at a time, and metal spinning  machine cheaper than ability the same stamping machine price in half.