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CNC Metal Spinning More Perfect Quality

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: May 11, 2017

CNC Metal Spinning is set research and development, manufacturing, sales service, education in one of the high-tech enterprises. After 20 years, CNC spinning has 50,000 square meters production base, including research and development centers, manufacturing plants, sales service companies, technical schools and other business sectors. Today's CNC spin-up R & D team has grown, innovation capability has been enhanced, with CNC spinning machine design and manufacturing capabilities and molding technology in the domestic leading position; to undertake a number of national scientific research projects; CNC spinning sales service network coverage in China 90% of the provinces, exports more than 50 countries and regions.

Product introduction and market use

     CNC Metal Spinning CNC spinning has a numerical control without chip metal forming technology is the country to vigorously promote the new energy-saving materials and materials, but also the needs of the times, the use of a wide range of this technology can be very little cost of the case to get a complex bus-like capacity Poor range of very small, excellent surface quality of the various hollow body, but also to the maximum extent possible to determine the workpiece wall thickness and contour, accurate repeat wall thickness and contour.

     CNC spinning is high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, specializing in CNC spinning machinery manufacturing high-tech companies. CNC spinning is located in Wuxue City Economic Development Zone Erlili Village, Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Miles Yangtze River are wearing the city and the geographical location, traffic network is extremely developed.

   CNC Metal Spinning The company has long cooperated with Wuhan and Vietnamese Robotics and Complex Electromechanical System Technology Research Institute. CNC spinning to improve the management system, strong technical force, strong in the modern manufacturing and processing industry digital, automation equipment. Including conventional spinning machine, powerful spinning machine, single-wheel spinning machine, two-wheel and three-wheel synchronous and wrong step spinning machine, strong hot spinning machine and long tube CNC spinning machine, CNC cam milling, CNC spinning Cutting machine and the robot, and so on; the company's original step-by-step spinning and other technologies; to provide users with efficient scientific and technical programs and the need for strong advanced equipment. Company products are widely used in auto parts, civilian tools, military and other fields.

   CNC Metal Spinning We adhere to the "customer first, the credibility of the first" to more perfect quality for customers to create the most value. CNC spinning we will provide you with the best service, the most cost-effective products. We firmly believe that "Wuxue City Guangrui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd." will be your best partner.