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Check the outline of the shape of stainless steel tube

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Dec 29, 2016

Check the outline of the shape of stainless steel tube


    In the packaging of stainless steel tube should also be checked when to avoid packaging in the packaging due to improper product damage caused by poor product outflow, the use of tools for the production of the first piece of stainless steel tube for accurate inspection. The following is the stainless steel pipe geometry and shape inspection:

     1.The end of stainless steel pipe bevel angle and blunt edge inspection: angle foot, card board.

     2.Stainless steel pipe wall thickness check: micrometer, ultrasonic thickness gauge, both ends of not less than 8 points and records.

     3.The length of stainless steel pipe inspection: steel tape, manual, automatic length measurement.

     4.Stainless steel tube diameter, oval check: caliper, vernier caliper, ring gauge, measured the maximum point, the smallest point.

     5.Stainless steel tube bending check: ruler, the level of foot (1m), feeler, fine line measurement of curvature per meter, full-length curvature.

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