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Brief Introduction Of Metal Spinning Technology

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

Brief Introduction of Metal Spinning Technology

Metal Spinning Technology

What is the spinning technology, also known as metal spinning forming technology, by rotating so that the force from the point to the line from the line to the surface, while in a certain direction to give a certain pressure to make the metal material in this direction deformation and flow And shape a shape of the technology. Here, the metal material must have plastic deformation or flow properties, spinning deformation is not the same plastic deformation, it is a plastic deformation and flow deformation of the complex process, in particular, we need to point out that we call the spinning technology is not a single strong Spinning and ordinary spinning, it is the combination of the two; strong spinning for a variety of barrels, cone shaped body of the spinning molding shell processing technology, is a relatively old mature methods and processes, also Called rolling method.

Common spinning technology:

Ordinary spinning referred to as the general rotation, you can complete the deep drawing, pressure ribs, closing mouth, sealing, flanging, curling and other work. Ordinary spinning forming process shown in Figure 2-1. Common spinning parts of different shapes, are axisymmetric Pu wall hollow rotary body, which has a wide range of uses. There are spinning, spinning, and curling and other forming process.

Common spinning includes integral forming and partial forming. In the modern spinning machine for different specifications of different technical requirements of the workpiece, you can take the cold spin and hot spin and other methods for the corresponding plastic forming; the main categories for the spin, spin, spin, system stems and other processing to form The

Pulley spinning technology:

Spinning pulleys generally have three basic forms: folding pulleys, split pulleys and rolling multi-V pulley (also known as multi-wedge pulley).

Spinning pulley and cast iron pulley compared to the advantages of the use of spinning process made (no chip processing), light structure, the provincial material, and thus a small inertia, is a section of energy, new products. High production efficiency (2 to 4 per minute processing), good balance performance, generally do not need to balance the treatment. As the material flow line is not cut off, the surface production of cold hardening, organizational density increased, so that the tire surface strength and hardness increased, and high dimensional accuracy, V-belt and groove groove slip is small, long belt life.

Roller-spinning technology and equipment is a state-of-the-art technology. With roller spinning, a series of folding pulleys, split pulleys, roller type V-pulleys and modular pulleys Scientific research, in theory and practice of two aspects of the spinning to solve the various technical problems, and successfully used in the production


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