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Advantages of Spinning Process

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Dec 29, 2016

Advantages of Spinning Process

1.Metal deformation conditions, spin spinning and metal contact because of almost point contact, so the contact area is small, the unit pressure is high, up to 2500 ~ 3500MPa above, so spinning is suitable for processing high strength and difficult deformation of the material. Moreover, the required total deformation force is small, so that the consumption of the attack rate is greatly reduced. Processing the same size of the workpiece, spinning machine tonnage of the tonnage of the press is only about 1/20.
  2.A wide range of products, according to the capacity of spinning machine can produce large diameter thin-walled pipe, special pipe, variable cross-section pipe and spherical, hemispherical, elliptical, curved busbar and with a step and change the wall thickness of almost all the rotation system Submarine penetration seal rings and torpedo housings, radar reflectors and searchlight housings; jet engine fairings and prime mover parts; hydraulic, compressor housings and cylinders; turbines Shaft, nozzle, TV cone, combustion chamber cone and bellows; dryer, mixer and washing machine drum; shallow dish, disc, hemispherical head; milk tank and hollow thin wall of daily necessities.
  3.Material utilization is high, the production cost is low. Spinning processing and machining compared to 20% to 50% savings in materials, up to 80%, so that cost reduction of 30% to 70%.

4.Product performance significantly improved in the spinning after the material structure and mechanical properties of the goods have changed, grain size and the formation of a small fibrous characteristics. Tensile strength, yield strength and hardness are increased, the strength can be increased by 60% -90%, while the elongation is reduced.

5.Product surface roughness is low, small size tolerance. Spinning process of the surface roughness of products generally up to 3.2 ~ 1.6um, the best can be achieved 0.4 ~ 0.2um, after repeated spinning can reach 0.1um. Spinning products can achieve smaller wall thickness tolerance, such as φ300MM , Tolerance of 0.05mm, φ1600mm, the tolerance is 0.1.
  6.An important feature of metal spinning is the production of a seamless hollow body, which eliminates weld-related discontinuities, reduced strength, embrittlement and tensile stress concentration.
  7.Metal spinning and sheet metal stamping compared to metal spinning can greatly simplify the process used by the equipment, some need 6 to 7 stamping parts, spinning can be manufactured once, and metal spinning machine than the same punch capacity The price of the machine is half the price.
  8.Metal pressure method can produce ultra-wide plate, the base method is to spin the cylindrical pieces along the bus line cut flattened. It is easy to manufacture a 6 m wide sheet by using such a device, but it is necessary to produce a 3 m wide sheet by the conventional rolling method, which requires a large rolling mill The United States used spinning process to produce wide 7.5m, 9m long wide plate.
  9.In the spinning process, due to the spinning of the blank approximation point by point deformation, therefore, any slag, sandwich, cracks, trachoma and other defects are easily exposed. In this way, the spinning process also plays a role in the inspection of products.
  10.A wide range of billet sources can be used such as hollow stampings, extruded parts, castings, weldments, machined forgings and rolled parts as well as circular plates for blanks, as well as titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium. Deformation of metal and other alloys.

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