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How Does The Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Work?

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

How does the Stainless Steel Metal Spinning work?
  Stainless Steel Metal Spinning works:

     Stainless Steel Metal Spinning is used to implement the metal stainless steel spinning process, the manufacture of thin-walled hollow rotary parts of the plastic processing equipment. The wide range of processing a wide range of small diameter only a few millimeters, the largest nearly 10m.

     Stainless Steel Metal Spinning generally by the fuselage, spindle box, wheel seat and tailstock and other major components. In the process of spinning stainless steel, the billet (plate or ring) is clamped on the mold for rotary motion, the rotary press feed pressure to continuous deformation of the blank to become the workpiece.

     1, vortex stainless steel rotary compressor working principle

     The scroll air compressor is formed by the dynamic and static vortex of the functional equation line. In the process of suction, compression and exhaust, the fixed scroll is fixed on the frame. The movable plate is driven by the eccentric shaft and is restrained by the anti-rotation mechanism. It rotates around the center of the center of the static disk, The gas is sucked into the periphery of the static disk through the air filter. As the eccentric shaft rotates, the gas is gradually compressed in the crescent-shaped compression chamber composed of the static and dynamic disk teeth and then discharged continuously from the axial hole of the static disk.

     2, centrifugal compressor working principle

     Centrifugal Compressors The main working parts for compressed gas are high-speed rotating impellers and diffuser areas where the flow area is increasing. In short, the working principle of the centrifugal compressor is through the impeller on the gas work, in the impeller and diffuser flow channel, the use of centrifugal booster and slow down the role of pressure, the mechanical energy into gas pressure energy The

     More generally speaking, the gas flow through the centrifugal compressor impeller, the high-speed rotation of the impeller to make the gas under the action of centrifugal force, on the one hand the pressure has increased, on the other hand the speed is greatly increased, that is, centrifugal compressor Through the impeller first of the prime mover mechanical energy into gas static pressure and kinetic energy. Since then, the gas flow through the diffuser channel, the flow channel cross-section gradually increased in front of the gas molecular flow rate decreased, followed by gas molecules continue to surge forward, so that most of the kinetic energy of the gas and into static pressure, That is, to further play the role of pressurization.
Baorui Stainless Steel Metal Spinning
     The main purpose:

     1, suitable for centrifugal general fan 4-72, 9-19 and other models 3.6 # -30 # of the front, into the stainless steel spool forming;

     2, used in T30 / T35 / T40-type axial fan fan duct, the fan of the flanging forming;

     3, in the production of ventilation ducts in the cylinder pressure, pipe diameter flaring.


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