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Spinning machine working principle and applications

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Spinning machine works belonging to the metal plastic press forming machines. In its bed body surface with Exchange servo system, the system in the of spin round erection has longitudinal, and cross two a mutual vertical of sliding frame, horizontal and longitudinal into to used precision ball screw Deputy, by servo motor followed by and synchronization with drive Deputy and the precision ball screw Deputy phase connection; in sliding frame following has precision ball line guide; in spin round frame of horizontal sliding seat of above has on core die shape profile "copies" institutions; control servo system of NC system device and the control hydraulic drive system of can programming sequence controller are respectively and industrial PC machine connected.

New type spinning machine for automated processing and control, multifunctional and versatile equipment, high precision and reliability, and drawing with CAD programming feature, the model copy function and record playback function. The device by automatic and manual in two forms, can be applied to a thickness of 14 mm steel plate spinning, also suitable for stainless steel, aluminum and other metal spinning.