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Spinning distinction at work

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Spinning is the flat blank or blank in advance fixed on the rotating mandrel, using spinning wheels put pressure on the stock, roller at the same time for the axial feeding, through one or more processing, all kinds of preparation method of thin-walled hollow Rotary products (see figure). There are manual and automatic, divided into conventional spinning and power spinning, copper, iron and plastic materials such as aluminium stainless steel titanium alloy.

When spinning, spinning wheels and blanks the contact area is very small, only local plastic deformation processing materials, small deformation resistance, small tonnage of devices available for large products, was manufacturing half hollow Cone, cylinder, sphere and thin-walled pipes and other effective methods of precision products. High precision of spinning products, good mechanical performance, wide range of size. Spinning tools mold is simple and easy to replace; manufacture of certain products, production cost is lower than other methods. Main drawback is that long working hours, low production, variety is limited. Suitable for the production of small batches, many varieties of products.