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Main characteristics of spinning

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

1. belonging to the local continuity of spinning processing, instantaneous deformation zone is small, small deformation of the total force.

2. some shape deformation of complex parts or difficult materials, difficult or impossible process of traditional crafts, spinning approach can be processed, such as pulleys, lamps and other accessories.

3. spinning around very small tolerances to IT8, surface roughness is less than 3.2, enhance the strength and hardness.

4. spinning high materials utilization, cost is lower than stamping die by more than one-fifth. spinning the economic structures and production batch \ artifacts and associated labor costs. most of the spinning process for machining and stamping, shearing process, ultrasonic cleaning, plating processing technology application to get the best benefit.

5. spinning shape can only be rotated, there are barrel-shaped, cone, and buses and combination.