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CNC spinning development in recent years

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Main production CNC spinning machine is the United States and Germany. Germany early production machines are small and medium sized. It's spinning early reference to United States. It is generally divided into horizontal and vertical two kinds of horizontal machine of spinning rigid, covers an area of smaller, and its vertical center of gravity coincides with the spindle center line, so its accuracy is higher relative to the other, and easy loading and unloading of the parts can also be installed on the production line.

CNC spinning machining spiral wire speeds can reach more than 1200~1500m/min, but not of high velocity deformation process, so the comparison requires a spinning machine with a quick trip and sufficiently rigid, earthquake-resistant capacity. Install the roller around the spindle, and balancing radial force role, reducing the core module in the process of beating and deflection. Roller feed is best for stepless.