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Benefits of spinning spinning

Shaoxing Huida Metal Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

1. the metal deformation conditions are good, spinning due to the roller and the metal contact points contact, so the contact area is small, high pressure, up to 2500~3500MPa per cent, therefore suitable for high intensity hard, spinning deformation of the material. Moreover, the total deformation is small, so that the attack rate of consumption is greatly reduced. Processing of parts of the same size, just spinning machine tonnage press tonnage of 1/20.

2. the wide range of products, depending on the ability of spinning machine can produce large-diameter thin-wall pipe, special tubes, tapered tubing as well as spherical, hemispherical, elliptic, and bus and with a ladder and change wall thickness of almost all Rotary system

3. high materials utilization, low production costs. Spinning compared to machining, saving materials 20%~50%, up to a maximum of 80%, to reduce the cost 30%~70%.